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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  August 2, 2011 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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the debt deal. she said, i strongly believe that crossing the aisle for the good of the american people is more important t tn party politics. >> i wish more congress people thought the way she does. >> wouldn't that be nice, right? >> yeah, absolutely. as the senate prepares to vote on the debt deal, president obama is trying to shore up his standing with fellow democrats. abc's jake tapper reports now from the white house. >> reporter: president obama remained behind closed doors but he sent out a video message to supporters heralding the creation of a so-called super committee in congress to possibly do what the compromise debt deal does not. raise taxes. >> the ultimate solution must be balanced. big corporations and the wealthiest americans shouldn't >> reporter: leadership from both sides would appoint a 12-member committee of legislators to find an additional $1.5 trillion in deficit reduction by november 23rd.
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congress would vote on the measure in late december. if it does not pass, that would trigger painful, deep cuts to the pentagon and domestic programs, including medicare. >> the whole purpose of a trigger is that nobody wants to pull it. >> reporter: president obama also trying to convince reluctant democrats that while this deal is not perfect it also does protect programs for society's most vulnerable. jake tapper, abc news, the white house. >> of course, two big -- i'm sorry. >> no, no, go ahead. >> two big questions remain in all this. one, the credit rating of the country which we don't know, could drop to aa or not. and how the markets here and globally are going to respond. >> foreign markets are down. in fact, china and japan both last more than one full percentage point. >> not the big rebound some folks were hoping for. the next contentious issue for congress may be trying to end the partial shut-down of the faa. a bipartisan senate plan
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collapsed late last night just as the shut-down entered its second week. by friday and that means the shut-down could continue until september at a cost of billions of dollars. >> dollars we can't afford to lose. it was the worst possible outcome in the disappearance of celina cass. the 11-year-old's body was found in a river yesterday less than a hopeful mile from her home in new hampshire. an autopsy is being performed today to term an exact cause of death. right now police won't sayay whether there are any suspects. polygamist leader warren jeffs is trying to get a new judge in his sexual assault trial. in a third attempt to have the current judge removov yesterday jeffs filed a motion claiming god himself was demanding a change on the bench. a hearing will be eventually held to consider the motion but it's unclear exactly when. jeffs is facing life i in priso if he's convicted of assaulting underage girls. police in los angeles are trying to track down a heartless mugger who was caught on tape
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preying on a helpless victim. surveillance video shows the thief sneaking up on a blind 68-year-old woman as she pushes her walker down the street in the low-crime little tokyo section of the city. the mugger grabs the woman's throat, chokes her and rips a $100 chain off her neck before running off. how low can you go. federal investigators are trying to trace the source of some deadly salmonella that may be resistant to most antibiotics. at least one person who ate ground turkey has died from food poisoning. investigators have not said where the meat was produced. 76 recent illnesses in 26 states were reported. until investigators uncover more leads everyone is urged to fully cook ground turkey to avoid illness. in other news now, florida is bracing for its first major storm of the season. tropical storm emily is expected to strengthen into a hurricane before making landfall this weekend just north of ft. lauderdale. emily is now whipping up 40-mile-an-hour winds near the island of dominica.
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it's forecast to dump some heavy rain on fort owe rico, the dominican republic, and the bahamas. people in chile are suffering under one of their worst winters in decades. the latest storm dumped heavy snow along a coastal highway in the northern part of the country that rarely gets any snow at all. the snow damaged hundreds of homes, blocked highways and even forced the cancelation of a major soccer match. >> some kids are still managing to have some fun there. >> you've got to have fun in the snow, beat some of the heat we've seen the last few weeks. >> a snowball fight looks good right now. strong storms with flash flooding from des moines to detroit and pittsburgh. wet in northern new england. thunderstorms along the gulf coast from texas to florida. heavy rain around albuquerque and cheyenne. and from l.a. to las vegas. >> phoenix hot, hot, hot at 109. sacramento 90. portland 83. 82 in fargo. 91 in the twin cities. and 92 in indianapolis. another triple-digit day in dallas. and 90s from new orleans up to
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new york. well, an enormous, and we mean huge, treat for some lucky people in southern california. >> that's right. they were treated to the spectacle of more than a dozen blue whales passing by yesterday. blue whales are completely foreign to that area and they usually don't pass by in early august. in fact, it's usually around early october when t ty're there. >> look at that. there are only about 2,000 blue whales known to live in the entire pacific ocean, so this was an understatement, a rare treat indeed. >> stunning creatures, aren't they? >> really is, just from a distance, just be safe. >> there have been really interesting cases of whale/human interaction. >> we saw one yesterday, the whale put on a show for the guys. pretty cool. more "world news now" coming up after the break.
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♪ after midnight we going to let it all hang down ♪ a new law signed by the govern ever of missouri will keep the teacher/student relationship inside the classroom and off facebook. >> the law prohibits teachers and students from being facebook friends. does all this go a little too far? kutv has more from st. joseph. >> when we're at ball games or events like that, we'll tweet information from that. so that gets it to a large audience in a short amount of time. >> reporter: facebook and tw twitter are often used to send and receive messages. starting this january a new law in missouri will limit how they interact on social pedia sites. >> it doesn't outlaw it but it
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says districts are going to have some sort of policy in place for it. >> reporter: the new law gives school districts the right to set their own guidelines as to how a faculty or staff member can communicate through social media or e-mail. but john with the missouri teachers association says the law is too open to interpretation and therefore impossible to enforce. >> because it does not define what the communication would be. it's up to the individual school district. it also does not define what would be private or public. >> reporter: right now the st. joseph school district doesn't allow teachers and students to discuss personal matters on social media sites. a teachers also can't share information with a student that portrays sex, nudity, alcohol, or drug use. and all interaction must be out in the open. no private messages. central high school's assistant principal robert sigrist is a twitter fanatic who often uses the sisi to post school events. he cautions teachers how they
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use the site or sites. >> i've encouraged teachers not to be friends with students on facebook. facebook is more really a social outlet. >> reporter: katie kimble is a teacher who uses edmoto. she says it's excellent to have open class discussions. if a student sends a personal message she can respond openly. >> we see them every day. there's really no need to have that conversation outside of school when it can take placen school. >> reporter: most parents and students we talked with also agree that private messaging should be banned. >> what happens between the child and the teacher should just be on a professional level, not on a like computer-style relationship. >> reporter: in st. joseph, abc news. >> this is our facebook question of the day. weigh in and letet us know how u feel about this one. >> one woman wrote, she agrees teachers in addition to be authority figures, not facebook friends. there actually was a young woman there in missouri who was
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molested by her junior high schoolteacher and that's where some of this was born. >> there was interaction on facebook between the two? >> exactly. so there was some of that there. >> kind of a brave new world everybody needs to navigate. >> right. they still have public pages that students can like, it's just a matter of that personal buddies as opposed to teachers. >> keep it public, keep it out in the open, everyone can see it, it should be fine. >> facebook changing the world. >> that's right. coming up, it looks like a high-tech bicycle helmet. >> it promises to actually grow hair when other baldness treatments fail. we'll try it out when we come right back. cotton balls. duct tape.
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spoon. needle. thread. scalpel. announcer: the smallest moments can have the biggest impact on a child's life. ♪ grow it show it long as i can grow it ♪ >> trying something new tonight. well, hair loss is something that many guys do not want to
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talk about but hair loss treatment is definitely a touchy subject as well. >> if you can use this device, this one right here, which promises to restore hair in the privacy of your home, would you use it? we stopped by a new york barbershop to find out. >> look at this stuff, you got old razors, rogaine -- wait a minute. you use rogaine? >> it's preventative. >> is your hair falling out? >> i don't want to talk about it! >> basically, most men are very vain and want to retain their hair. >> i personally didn't noboby anybody grow hair from rogaine. >> if this would grow hair you would be the richest person on the planet. you'd have more money than bill gates. >> 600, that's like an ipad. >> customers are always coming
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in and asking if there are new ways to make their hair thicker. >> they're very insecure about that. all the pep talk, it doesn't help. buy your wife a bigger diamond. they say, yeah, right. that's not the right answer. >> a lot of things have come and gone. if this works it would be a bargain. >> if it works, it would be a gar bargain. did it work? >> the i-grow. i'll know a few minutes if it worked or not. there's a market for this. one in four men have lost some hair by the time they turn 32. no one likes going bald. >> this laser light therapy is nothing new. it has been offered in medical offices for a while now. >> what's up, rob? the red light went off. these red lights under here you can see flashing -- >> what does it feel like? obviously it worked. oh my lord. >> you need to turn the setting down a little bit, rob. >> i think i rest of the it on a little too long. oh my lord.
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look at that thing. oh, man, looks --
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world news nowdelivers your "morning papers." >> it is that time of the morning. >> yes, the "morning papers" papers. good stuff today. >> the "atlanta journal-constitution." a lot of people have seen "single white female." remember the scene where she kills the guy with her stiletto heel? life is imitating art. an augusta woman has been charged with murder after prosecutors said she struck her boyfriend in the head with a stiletto heel, killing him. >> oh, i know those things are high and kind of pointy butyqr"- >> sometimes they're made out of metal. if you've got a metal heel and it's pointy that is a weapon. >> don't make your woman mad when wearing stilettos. >> no!
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>> that's the one that does the trick, ouch. >> we edited that for the young children who are up in the middle of the night. it ain't pretty. >> good editing job. >> don't make your woman mad if she has a on pair of stilettos. >> what woman does not have a pair in her closet? >> i normally appreciate them, just not with violence. this is cool. this is getting a lot of hits on youtube. apparently snakes can get anywhere, including under the hood of your car and as you're driving they make an appearance. this is from "the tennesseen." this couple is driving, all of a sudden there's our little buddy who literally slithered out from under the hood, from the left side of the hood, they started shooting this video. eventually the snake, you know, dropped off onto the highway. imagine that, you're driving down the street. >> imagine how terrified that snake is too. i mean, that snake looks like he's scared out of his mind. >> oh, well. >> that is some -- >> and they kept driving. they didn't slow down or pull
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over. >> this is great youtube video, keep going. >> exactly. they got 30,000 hits, they did something right. >> you ever wonder what are the cities in america where you can let your freak flag fly? >> freak flag fly. >> they put up a list of the kinkiest cities in america. all right, so -- >> let's take some notes here. >> rose lawn, indiana. apparently it has a thriving and family friendly nudist resort. >> family friendly nudist colony, all right. >> number two, new orleans, louisiana. we can -- >> that's my town, yes. >> we know all about new orleans, we don't need to extrapolate on that one. las vegas, sin citytythat needs no explanation. >> my spiritual mecca. >> holy, wisconsin was number four. it has quite a few strip clubs, one strip club for every 238 residents. that's a high proportion. >> atlanta, the hot peach, the dirty south. no one can question that. number six, new york, new york. >> rounding off the list, austin, southern new mexico,
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chicago, and san francisco. so as you plan your summer we used to talk about everything. you were my mom. my best friend. now, do you even know who my friends are? remember that time we used to spend together? laughing - having fun.
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i know i barely ever talk to you guys, but with the stuff that i have to deal with, sometimes i don't know how. i still need you. now, more than ever.
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this morning on "world news now," debt deal. breaking news from capitol hill as the house passes a plan to address the nation's financial crisis. >> it was gabby giffords' unexpected return to her seat that stopped fellow democrats and even the republicans in their tracks. it is tuesday, august 2nd. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everybody, i'm rob nelson. >> i'm tanya rivero. in just a few hours the senate votes on the debt deal and it is expected to pass. but congresswoman giffords' return to capitol hill is trumping that news. it has everyone talking after such a long road to recovery. >> amazing scene there. seven months ago back in january
3:01 am
that assassination attempt in tucson. there she is on a historic night back. >> she looks fantastic. it's really just in some ways a miracle. inspiring.ry really is >> >> also ahead in this half hour of the show, the tragic developments following the disappearance of a new hampshire girl. police now say they have recovered her body in a river. we'll get the latest on the investigation. a lot of unanswered question. 800 people, everyone knew her, it's just no one knows exactly what happened. later this half hour, the anti-gravity treadmill used by astronauts has found an important down to earth use right here. >> get in shape nasa-style. >> i think i need one of those. first, the senate is expected to begin voting on the dent deal around lunchtime today. where it is almost certain to pass. then, of course, it will go to president obama's desk. >> as we said, overshadowing the historic vote. karen travers is joining us with more on the dramatic developments.
3:02 am
>> reporter: there were a lot of twists and turns yesterday on capitol hill. but when the debt ceiling plan came to the house floor for a vote, who was voting may have overshadowed what t ey were voting for. it came down to the wire. >> the bill is passed without objection. a motion to reconsider is laid on the table. >> reporter: but in the end, it was a bipartisan vote in the house to raise the nation's debt ceiling. just one day before uncle sam hit his credit limit. but this highly anticipated vote was perhaps overshadowed by the surprise appearance of congresswoman gabrielle giffords. back on the house floor for the first time since she was shot and critically wounded in tucson in january. >> her presence today to make sure that we honor the obligations of our great country is important and symbolic. >> reporter: in order to pass the debt deal, house speaker john boehner needed unhappy democrats to get on board. democrats didn't like the fact that the deal had deep spending cuts. up to $2.4 trillion over 10
3:03 am
years. and no tax increases. it also opens the door to medicare cuts. >> we are the last line of defense in defending the poor. we're their last line of defense. >> reporter: some republicans oppose it because it cuts defense spending and gives the government the ability to borrow up to $2.4 trillion. >> the sole issue to me is, are we fixing the problem? it's quite clear to me that we're not. >> reporter: the senate is expected to pass the debt ceiling package when it votes later today, preventing a government default. but is that enough to keep the u.s. credit rating from being downgraded? treasury secretary tim geithner says he doesn't know. rob and tanya? >> that is the scary part is he doesn't know. that was the big end game in all this, that credit rating. we go down to a aa, you're going to see a huge impact, all of us. >> foreign markets are down this morning in response to this news. >> the dow surged yesterday, then sank, then ended the day down slightly. it didn't have the joyous impact on the markets we were hoping. >> the breakdown is interesting
3:04 am
too. 66 republicans opposed the bill. so did 95 democrats. so a lot of the opposition too. 29 tea party freshmen voted against it. >> at least it's done and the senate gets its chance today. hopefully move on. >> as karen mentioned the surprise appearance of congresswoman gabby giffords on capitol hill was the emotional high point of the evening. >> undoubtedly. there were plenty of hugs and of course tears as the arizona lawmaker made her way onto the house floor. abc's terry moran has more on gird giffords' remarkable return to work. >> reporter: on the floor of the house of representatives which for weeks has been a well of bitterness and rancor, there she was. a tiny woman, her close-cropped hair a badge of her recovery from being shot in the head at point-blank range. gabby giffords came back to congress to vote. and her colleagues, united for once, rose to cheer her. her closest friend in the house, representative debbie wasserman schultz of florida, told diane
3:05 am
sawyer what this moment meant. > she received thunderous applause, hugs, tears. even the hardest heart, which we had a lot of hardened hearts in this debate, just melted when she walked in the room. >> reporter: it was in january, seven months ago at a congress on your corner town meeting she was holding, that giffords was gunned down by a mentally deranged young man, jared lee loughner. six people were killed in loughner's rampage, 13 others wounded, including giffords. for gabby giffords the road to recovery has been long and arduous. the bullet passed through her brain and she spent months in hospitals. at first the merest flicker of life meaea everything. >> a few minutes after we left her room, gabby opened her eyes for the first time. >> reporter: her husband, space shuttle astronaut mark kelly, was by her side every day. as doctors marveled at her strength and the extent of her
3:06 am
recovery -- >> and liftoff. >> reporter: gabby giffords left the hospital to watch her husband blast off into space on his last shuttle mission. >> she would say that, you know, it's time to turn something really bad into something good. she would want for something positive to come out of it. >> reporter: as she came back to the house in an hour of national need, we may be learning what it is gabby giffords wants to do. terry moran, abc news, washington. >> such a moving scene, isn't it? >> it really is. and after the vote last night she tweeted, she said the capitol looks beautiful and i am honored to be at work. and after all these past weeks of such intense partisan bickering, i think that was a moment congress needed and maybe the country needed. >> everybody needed that moment. >> absolutely. switch gears nowownd to the debt debate, which is now settled, maybe now that it is perhaps congress can turn its attention to ending the partial shut-down of the faa. a bipartisan senate plan fell
3:07 am
apart last night when some house republicans objected to a few key provisions and congress could go on its august recess before resolving it. that would cost the government more than $1 billion in uncollected airline taxes. a sad update on the missing 11-year-old girl from new hampshshe. the body of celina cass was found yesterday about a week after she disappeared from her family's home. an autopsy is planned for today as a small new hampshire community mourns. a lot of questions still remainn adam sexton of wmur has the latest. >> reporter: late monday evening divers recovered the body of celina cass on the connecticut river in stewartstown not far from her house, bringing the search to an end. >> we have brought celina home. not the way we wanted to. >> reporter: investigators say divers found the body as part of a routine underwater search. while they will not go into detail, they say what they discovered has turned this case into a criminal investigation. based on what we have seen
3:08 am
visually, we are treating it as suspicious. >> reporter: in west stewartstown, friends and neighbors gathered for a vigil as many of them have nearly every night since celina's disappearance. >> this is not the outcome we wanted. >> reporter: after holding out hope for seven days, classmates say they will miss her. she was helpful.nice. and -- she helped everyone during class. never mean, never a bully. >> reporter: they wrote messages on balloons and then let them go into the night sky. >> we'll always be there for each other. even if you're not family we come together as family in types like these. >> reporter: finding closure means getting answers. the discovery of celina's body led state police to cordon off the apartment complex where she lived with her family. the attorney general's office says it's re-examining the area where it this knows celina was last seen. people are asking two questions. how and why.
3:09 am
many are hoping that an autopsy, scheduled for 9:00 a.m. tuesday morning, can shed more light on what happened. for abc news. federal food safety investigators are trying to trace the source of deadly salmonella. at least one person who ate ground turkey has died from food poisoning. investigators have not said where the meat was produced. 76 recent illnesses in 26 states were reported and it's resistant to many antibiotics. until investigators uncover more leads everyone is urged to fully cook ground turkey to avoid illness. a new storm is bringing heavy rain and wins to is eastern caribbean. tropical storm emily is brushing by the island of dominica with 40-mile-an-hour winds. it is expected to strengthen as it inches closer to puerto rico, haiti, and the dominican republic. it could make landfall as a weak hurricane in florida over the weekend. we're following that one the next few days. now here's a look at your tuesday forecast. severe storms around des moines,
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chicago, detroit, green bay, cleveland and pittsburgh. showers and thunderstorms in northern new england. popup thunderstorms along the gulf coast. heavy rain meanwhile for albuquerque, phoenix, salt lake city, southern california and my favorite city of all-time, las vegas. >> 90 in sacramento. 88 in colorado springs. phoenix heats up to 109. and dallas 108. 97 in kansas city. and 91 in minneapolis. 85 in boston. 90s from new york to new orleans. here is this morning's feel-good animal story. these are never in short supply. >> you know you love them. >> it comes from miami where a puppy found himself stuck in the engine block of a car. >> nobody could get him out so they called in the fire department who used a jack to lift the car. eventually they were able to get the little fellow free. >> oh, very lucky. he got a few scratches and some other problems and is going to need a couple of weeks of good, old-fashioned tlc. after that they expect him to be put up for adoption.
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>> hi is adorable. >> he as cute dog. >> you have to admit, rob. >> i do admit. i'm sure some family will adopt -- just snatch him very quickly. >> are you kidding? there's going to be competition for that little guy. >> more world nene when now whe come right back. you go next if you had a hoveround power chair? the statue of liberty? the grand canyon? it's all possible ith a hoveround., tom: hi i'm tom kruse, inventor rand founder of hoveround., when we say you're free to see the world, we mean it. call today and get a free overound information kit, that includes a video and full color brochure.
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♪ i'm on the night train >> we know all about the night train. >> oh, yeah. time. the train we ride all the >> choo choo. >> welcome back, everyone. as lindsay lohan tries to get her life and career back on track her troubled past continues to haunt her. >> a former worker at the betty
3:16 am
ford center is suing lohan saying the actress assaulted her and she told her story conclusively to kabc. >> lindsay lohan is a human being. what her background is as far as being in the movies and all that kind of stuff still doesn't take away the fact that she's a human being and she has to be responsible for her actions just like i do. >> reporter: former betty ford center care technician dawn bradley says the incident happened on the night of december 12th last year. she was trying to give a breath lies ever test to lohan who she says had snuck out late that night to go drinking with two of her roommates. >> i could smell the alcohol on all of them, that they had been drinking. and i just couldn't get lindsay to cooperate. she was just very, very, very, very angry. this is the hand that she grabbed. she yanked it down and twisted my hand, trying to get the phone that i had in my hand out of my hand. >> reporter: bradley says she's now been diagnosed with
3:17 am
decustomer vain's syndrome, inflammation of the tendon connected to her thumb. the d.a.'s office has not filed charges against lohan, saying there's a lack of sufficient evidence. bradley's present attorney has filed a lawsuit against lohan, alleging assault and battery, asking for no less than $1 million in damages. i don't like the blogs that i've seen out there discussing how she's just trying to make something out of nothing, trying to capital it's on lindsay lohan's star power and take a bunch of money from her. >> did it have anything basically to do with money? no. i'm hoping to god that it's a wake-up call for lindsay. i'm really -- i want the best for her. please. and everyone needs to know that. i want her to get this. i want her to be clean and sober. >> she also wants $1 million. >> yeah. >> she has a long list the wants.
3:18 am
>> she'd probably take a little bit less. >> on the laernler scale things that maybe lindsay and other folks who have had their trouble in hollywood will look to the amy winehouse example and go, i'm going to get myself together to not go down that road. >> trouble follows trouble. >> always, always. >> no court date has yet been set. >> stay tuned. coming up next, the gym equipment astronauts used in space and how now it's making a difference right here on earth. >> you're watching "world news no now". cotton balls. duct tape. spoon. needle. thread. scalpel. announcer: the smallest moments can have the biggest impact on a child's life.
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♪ giant steps are what you take walking on the moon ♪ >> a full moon tonight? >> i guess so. >> i think so. just a pretty picture. >> the music department, as
3:20 am
always they're doing great. >> right on target. the nasa space program may be over as we know it but we're still takinged advantage of its many discoveries. for example an anti-gravity treadmill used by astronauts in space that is now helping people right here on earth. wfts reports now from clearwater, florida. >> reporter: this machine is so unique there's only one in the bay area called the alter g, anti-gravity treadmill. >> it's a very different type of sensation. >> reporter: brian is the rehab coorornator at morton hospital in clearwater. aftetethe hospital heard about the machine they wanted it. >> basically, without nasa we probably don't have this. that's how significant that is. >> reporter: and nasa came up with this technology to helpp their astronauts. >> in space you're weightless. one of the big concerns from an exercise perspective was weight about bearingr if you're at the space station and not bearing weight your bone will demineralize. >> reporter: just about everyone can use it.
3:21 am
recreational runners like jenna. patients recovering from injuries. people with weight issues or osteoporosis. to use it runners or walkers put on special shorts. then they step into a chamber. they're zipped in and air is taken out, like what happens in an airplane. the speed and incline is adjusted. but what does running without weight feel like? >> if you're at the county fair and you lay out in this thing and the wind blows ow up and then brings you up and down that way, that's how i compare it to, onon you're standing up but able to bear weight. >> reporter: if you take weight off the calorie burn won't be the same. brian says you can up the incline to make up for the change. as far as the price tag goes, well, it's not cheap. >> there's three versions of this. this is the middle of the line one, about $35,000. another another one called the pro edition which for the low, low price of $72,000 will go to 18 miles an hour. the grand poobah is used for olympic sprinters. probably $110,000..
3:22 am
>> reporter: now that the alter g is at the hospital they're making it easy for you to try out. >> rob, where are you going? >> i'm running home, i'm out of here. >> is that non-weight berg? how do you get your bounce?
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yeah, when i heard the bar helps repel pet hair, just like the sheets, i figured, hey, mayye it'd work for bernie too. oh, hey bern. hey, honey. (soft laugh) woman: bar yes, hair no.
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♪ you mean everything tonnight >> in the house. >> i saw you dancing, you're feeling the beat. >> you're going to play that music i'm going to dance. >> anything to stay awake. >> that's right. finally this half hour, days after the queen of england granddaughter zahra phillips was married, we're still talking about that other bride. >> kate middleton is still the envy of many brides to be and now she has the caps to prove it. >> reporter: that dress.
3:26 am
those hats. when kate middleton became the duchess of cambridge, the entire world was watching and taking notes. england's royal wedding set off a massive matrimony movement here in the u.s. couples taking cues on everything f fm attire to location, even honeymoon destinations. we caught up with three katherine copycats and one william wannabe who showed us hoe think incorporated a little british flair into their bridal styles. >> the royal wedding element that i chose to include in my wedding were the graceful long-sleeve wedding dress, the cathedral train, the beautiful tiara, the elegant front blusher veil, and the g ggeous drop earrrrgs. >> we really liked the traditional aspects including the morning wedding, the brunch reception, and the morning dress atti attire. >> we decided to include aspects such as having our reception at the old pink house, a british
3:27 am
manor built in the early 1700s and it's got a truly remarkable design inside. >> i'm getting married on august 20th and my bridesmaids are doing a bridal showerer tea. after the royal wedding all of the guests, this crazy tradition of hats at british events, and they all decided that they wanted to get fasasnators and hats and it was really fun to see everybody doing that. and it made it much more, you know, special and authentic. >> i was incredibly happy when a number of my loved ones came to share in our special day, said that will and kate had their royal wedding and angela and craig had their oklahoma fairy tale wedding. >> will and kate have nothing over angela and craig. >> really, really true. i'm surprised so many people are copying what's already been done. >> a little inspiration, perhaps. >> we found a wedding photo of you, i kind of like that. >> oh, wow.
3:28 am
>> lo >> loving omanra ycar.yota i yecto a ah,n
3:29 am
i oman yr wa atoe.skip omanra ycar.yota i yecto a ah,n and e docr y.omanrar nawao the
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," congress votes. breaking news from capitol hill as the house approves the debt deal. >> but it was congresswoman gabby giffords who stole the show last night, surprising fellow lawmakers as she returned to her seat in the house on a very critical night. it's tuesday, august 2nd. >> from ababc news, this is "wod news now." >> good morning, i'm tanya rivero. >> i'm rob nelson. the senate will vote today and is expected to pass the plan that will officially end this crisis. but after all that political drama, some personal drama played out in frononof the cameras in the house chambers last night. it was gabby giffords' return. and we'll hear from surprised lawmakers who could not forget
3:31 am
her triumphant moment. no one expected that scene just seven months after that tucson shooting. >> such a heart-warming scene. isn't it? >> oh, man. some guardian angels are watching over gabby giffords. >> absolutely, good for sure. also ahead, casey anthony goes back to court today after spending weeks away from cameras and away from her family. we'll explain why she's appearing before an orlando judge again and how it could impact her freedom. >> the next chapter of her life. >later this half hour, organizers of the seattle space needle's 50th anniversary want to give you a chance to send you into space. >> sounds like fun to me. >> cool idea, let's go. >> i'm all for it. first, action on the debt deal moves to the senate today after passing in the house last night. >> as we said, the real drama of the evening came as congresswoman giffords appeared in the house for the first time since being shot in january. sunlen miller is joining us this morning from capitol hill with more on this. good morning, sunlen. >> reporter: good morning tanya and rob. the senate will vote later today on that debt ceiling compromise
3:32 am
deal but don't hold your breath. this will pass to the senate. after it will be sent straight to president obama. even with the clock ticking not everyone is happy. this is a tough pill to swallow for senate democrats. they wanted revenue in the final package. >> this 11th hour deal with so many strings attached that it has become a tangled web of conservative social values is nothing more than a concession to the radical right of one party. and it flies in the face of our values as a nation. >> reporter: some are saying having any deal is better than default. >> as my son would say, we've got to suck it up, buttercup. at the end of the day, we are going to do it because it's the right thing to move forward. >> reporter: the drama today in the senate won't unfold like it did in the house of representatives last night. a surprise. congresswoman gabby giffords returned to the house floor for the first time since her january shooting.
3:33 am
an emotional moment met with an applause. giffords cast her vote for the bill saying, i strongly believe that crossing the aisle for the good of the american people is more important than party politics. giffords' return was a rare moment where both sides of the aisle could come together. after the senate votes today and the president's signature, washington hopes to have one more reason to celebrate. tanya and rob? >> the real celebration may be if our credit rating stays the same at aaa. that is still a huge question mark this morning. markets aren't doing well either. >> foreign markets are still going down so we'll see how this all shapes up. >> we're not out of the woods yet. that's the bottom line. >> absolutely not. and as sunlen mentioned, it was an emotional moment as congresswoman giffords slowly made her way to the floor of the house. >> remarkable moment. only a few of the lawmakers actually had any idea giffords was going to show up to cast that vote and their reaction as you can imagine was joyous. >> there isn't a name that stirs
3:34 am
more love, more admiration, more respect, more wishing for our daughters to be like her, than the name of congresswoman gabby giffords. thank you, gabby. her presence today to make sure that we honor the obligations of our great country is important and symbolic. >> m m speaker, this was a good day. and one of the reasons it's a good day is because gabby giffords is back. mr. speaker, she is one of the best things in this coress. to me, she came back tonight, cast her vote, the first vote since her -- since she was attacked. and she is a perfect example of bipartisanship. >> it just occurs to me that once in a while in this life we find an example where tragedy is transcended by the human spirit and triumph and the grace of
3:35 am
god. and this is one of those days and i just congratulate her with everything in me that she has come back and she has the prayers of the entire delegation and i know the entire congress. >> i think they needed that kind of moment of inspiration in light of the last few weeks. >> the country prorobly needed it. >> and her best friend in congress is a woman named debbie wasserman. you'll probably recognize her face. she'll be on "good morning america" later today. she talked about gabby and gave a veve emotional speech last night. >> she apparently knew this was in the works. she kept it under wraps. >> she knew for two days but didn't say a word which is kind of cool. >> sign of a true friend. >> fantastic story. the fbi files on the late senator ted kennedy are now released and show he was the target of death threres not long after his brothers were assassinated. three weeks after senator robert kennedy was killed the files show the son of mobster al capone was overheard making a death threat on ted kennedy during a phone call. the fbi and secret service were notified. this claim is notable because of all the conspiracy theories
3:36 am
connecting the mob to president kennedy's assassination. >> fascinating. a bizarre twist in the investigation of that brutal beating of a san francisco giants fan at l.a.'s dodgers stadium in march. an importantitness, matthew lee, has suddenly died. lee went to the game with beating victim bryan stow and lee died sunday apparently from an allergic reaction to eating a peanut. he had already given a statement to investigators and had provided other evidence as well. >> what a mystery. >> a crazy story gets crazier. >> yeah, absolutely. now casey anthony may have to show her face in public for the first time since she was released from jail last month. >> a florida judge wants anthony to serve a year of probation in orlando on a check fraud conviction. abc's diana alvear has the latest on this. good morning, diana. >> reporter: rob and tanya, good morning. after disappearing for two weeks we may finally get our first glimpse of casey anthony thanks to an order by a florida judge. for two weeks casey anthony's whereabouts have been a complete mystery. thanks to her conviction on a
3:37 am
check fraud case she may finally surface in florida. a judge has ordered that anthony must check in with her probation officer in orlando. although her attorneys are likely to fight his order. the judge also required her to pay $348 in court costs and $20 a month for the cost of her probation supervision. last year anthony pleaded guilty to charges she stole checks belonging to her friend amy huizenga and cashed them. she was sentenced to a year of probation. huizenga testified about her former friend's behavior when anthony's 2-year-old daughter caylee went missing. >> she always had an explanation as to where caylee was. >> reporter: as to what anthony has been doing sense her release from jail, she's reportedly health issues. ment for mental >> i absolutely think that counseling, mental health treatment is the place to start for casey anthony. connecting her head with her heart. knowing exactly how she thinks and how she feels about all of
3:38 am
these past experiences and where she sees herself moving forward is key. >> reporter: one of her attorneys, cheney y son, explained why in this cnn interview from july 7th. >> i'm sure it's going to be very needed and helpful for her. she's been through a lot. think of what she's lost. her child. her family. her freedom. >> reporter: the terms of anthony's probation require she check in with an officer once a month and she can't leave orange county, florida, without permission. rob, tanya? >> diana alvear, thank you. some models of the most popular vehicle on the road are being recalled. ford says the metal straps that hold the gas tanks on some of its pickups can rust and break. that had led to several incidents in which the tanks have fallen off and caused fires. 1.1 million pickups from the 1997 through 2004 model years are covered by the recall. a tropical storm battering the eastern caribbean could be heading to florida as a hurricane. tropical storm emily is expected
3:39 am
to skirt by puerto rico before making a direct hit on the dominican republic. emily's now on track to turn heavy rain on the bahamas and come ashore as a hurricane on saturday just north of ft. lauderdale. it is storm season. >> we are keeping an eye on all that. >> that's for sure, here we go. and here is your tuesday forecast. stormy with large hail and flash flooding from des moines to pittsburgh. showers and thunderstorms in vermont and maine. scattered thunderstorms from houston to miami. drenching rain in the desert southwest. heat watches and warnings in 13 states from iowa to florida. >> 91 in miami. 96 in atlanta. 85 in boston. dallas still sizzling at 108. omaha 93. chicago 94. 76 in seattle. 87 in salt lake city. all right, so here it is. our story y the day. something of an -- >> a few seconds off, one more time. >> can we try one more time? nice. >> a little bit. >> all right.
3:40 am
this is something of an animal mystery this morning. this story, you're going to love it. >> yes, our favorite story of the day as we said. it's all about a farm family in south florida. they noticed some of its animals were disappearing. the pet cat, some chickens, even a goat all vanished. over the weekend, they found the reason. >> oh, spooky. an 11-foot burmese python had been living under one of the family's trailers. they say it had slithered in from the everglades and made itself at home and chomped down on the animals. >> they say it wasn't venomous but still, an 11-foot python under your house. >> apparently it ate the chickens, some cats, a goat. >> our producer was telling us this horrible story when they were yanking the snake from under the thing, it started regurgitating the animals -- >> did you have to go there, rob? >> just folks having breakfast, i wanted to share that with you on the overnight, all about the details. >> pythons do that. >> 11 feet. i'm going to have a heart attack. all right.
3:41 am
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3:44 am
some important medical news this morning. the government announced ground-breaking new guidelines monday that will help women prevent health problems before they start. >> everything from birth control pills to breast examinations are now free. abc's stephanie sy has details. >> reporter: under president obama's health care plan, signed into law last year, private insurers will be required to provide women with a whole range of preventive services without charging a co-payment, co-insurance or deductible.
3:45 am
>> half of women, according to studies, forego or delay preventive care because they can't afford it. >> reporter: starting august 1, 2012, tens of millions of insured women are expected to gain free coverage to services such as well woman visits, screening for gestational diabetes, breastfeeding support, domestic violence screening, and all fda-approved birth control methods including the highly controversial morning-after pill. >> since birth control is the most common drug prescribed to women ages 18 to 44, insurance plans should cover it. not doing it would be like not covering flu shots. >> reporter: some conservative groups argue the pill is not preventative. >> for the majority of pro-life americans who are not in favor of that, this shouldn't be something that's mandated into insurances. >> reporter: organizations advocating for women's reproductive rights welcome the changes. as to who is picking up the extra costs, the white house says it doesn't believe new regulations will increase insurance premiums for all americans.
3:46 am
but a spokesperson for the insurance industry expects the costs to be passed down. stephanie sy, abc news, new york. >> of course the white house does not believe this will actually increase premiums. as always it's up to the insurance company to decide -- >> chances are some of them will -- >> pass it down, right. >> this won't take effect until january 2013. so still a little while. >> it will kick in automatically as well so you don't have to sign up for anything, there's no paperwork. there's also controversy too because the morning-after pill is covered. some folks say that's like federal fund fog abortion. >> it ain't over. a scandal developing involving newt gingrich and twitter. >> and ashley the bachelorette picks her guy. we'll get the whole scoop next in "the skinny." i know i barely ever talk to you guys, sometimes i don't know how. i still need you. now, more than ever.
3:47 am
3:48 am
welcome backeverybody. to start off "the skinny" this morning to an update to a story we talked about yesterday. there wewe rumors amy winehouse, reports over the last couple of
3:49 am
days, she was before her death a couple of days ago was in the process of trying to adopt a little girl that she'd met in st. lucia. her rep has come out and said, you know what, that is absolutely not true. this little girl's name was danica. she met in st. lucia because the girl's grandmother owns a beach bar on the island amy had frequented. >> apparently they were just friendly. >> they were just friendly. the girl called amy mom, she called her her daughter, all of this. it was a little weird and apparently the girl is growing up very poor on the island, her parents were fine giving her to amy. but her rep says all this was not true. a denial from amy's camp p out that. kind of a frightening prospect too that she was looking to adopt a little girl in the midst of obvious other troubles. the rep says no dice, not true. >> here's a happy story for those of you who follow "the bachelorette." ashley has found love with j.p. rosenbaum. he's the last man standing. he proposed and she accepted. so it's wonderful. we have a little bit to show you. the happy moment. >> i've been wanting to tell you
3:50 am
how much i loved you for so long now. you mean the world to me and i do not want to be with anyone else but you forever. >> ashley? will you marry me? >> yes. >> wonderful. j.p. is from long island, she's from maine. hopefully they'll live happily ever after. but odds are against them so far. only two couples from "the bachelor" and "the bachelorette" have made it down the aisle. >> tune in to "the skinny" town the road when we announce the breakup. this story kind of saddens me too. we know michael douglas had a really nasty battle with throat cancer. he was a long-time smoker. apparently "star" magazine has pictures of him a year after beating the disease smoking again. >> ouch. >> it's on the cover of "star" magazine. this was a picture from july 21st. it appears to be a hand-rolled cigarette. michael is now 66 years old. like i said, he had beaten it.
3:51 am
the rep had no comment on the pictures. it is possible he was smoking not a cigarette. but ststl after he beat something like this, chances of the cancer coming back if you continue to smoke are pretty high. so let's hope e is is not what it looks like but it's tough. >> it's tough. it's tough to kick smoking when you are addicted. >> it's an ugly habit. michael, please, please. >> hang in there. here's an interesting story from is suggesting that newt gingrich's twitter followers are largely manufactured. >> oh, no. >> apparently a former and anonymous gingrich campaign worker says about 80% of those accounts are inactive or are dummy accounts created by various follow agencies. >> newt, that's sad that you have to manufacture -- >> apparently he's bragged about how many followers he has before. don't draw attention to it. >> i'm sure he soon will have a response. kings of leon fans, they have canceled their u.s. tour, the remainder of their tour. there was an incident in dallas where the guy walked off the stage, it's too hot, i'm going to drink a beer, never came back on stage. now rumors there's internal strife in the band.
3:52 am
and some guy in the band tweeted, we have bigger problems than one of our guys not drinking enough gatorade.
3:53 am
3:54 am
[ female announcer ] find yourself sometimes cleaning up after your dishcloth? bounty extra soft can help. in this lab test bounty extra soft leaves this surface three times cleaner than a dishcloth. super clean. super soft. bounty extra soft. in the pink pack.
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here are some stories to watch today on abc news. the senate votes on the debt deal just a few hours after it did pass the house finally last night. the stock exchchge in china, japan, and other overseas markets lost ground in this morning's trading. secretary of state hillary clinton and defense secretary leon panetta discuss mideast peace today. they'll meet with israel's defense minister in washington. and expect lackluster sales figures from automakers today. analysts blame higher sticker prices and interest rates on last month's slow-down at dealerships. and finally, if you've been to seattle's space needle then you've seen the earth from an extreme height. now they want to take you higher. >> in honor of the needle's 50th birthday they're giving one lucky winner a real zero gravity experience.
3:56 am
>> reporter: 605 feet high, 138 feet wide. in 1961, workers constructed what would become a major landmark in the pacific northwest. and now, as the space needle prepares for its 50th birthday, it's shooting for a celebration out of this world. ceo ron sievert and his team came up with a contest sending the winner to outer space. >> as you know there's only one better view than the space needle and that's a view from space. so beginning today people from all over the country can participate in this opportunity of a lifetime. >> zero, and liftoff -- >> reporter: it comes just as nasa made its final space trip less than two weeks ago. the winner will get a suborbital shot with about six minutes of zero gravity. a private company called space adventure is still developing the vessels. buzz aldrin, the second astronaut to walk on the moon, kicked off the contest that's expected to draw thousands.
3:57 am
>> there really is no other thrill than to be able to be in earth and circle around the the earth. >> reporter: anyone can sign up to win the trip to space through december on the space needle's website. a computer will randomly choose 1,000 people, and those chosen will have to submit a one-minute video. then the public will vote to whittle down the number of contestants and a panel will make the final solution. >> got to jump through a lot of hoops but sounds like it's worth it. . >> got to jump through a lot of hoops but sounds like it's worth ite. >> got to jump through a lot of hoops but sounds like it's worth itl. >> got to jump through a lot of hoops but sounds like it's worth ite. >> got to jump through a lot of hoops but sounds like it's worth itc. >> got to jump through a lot of hoops but sounds like it's worth itt. >> got to jump through a lot of hoops but sounds like it's worth itio. >> got to jump through a lot of >>t abt yo robo cfo10,0 so ain. >> looking good. oh, man. sounds nice about this hour, doesn't it? >> yeah, that does sound good. get some sleep up there.
3:58 am
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